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Friday, June 06, 2014

This neo-Nazi supporter is even funnier than Bonni and lacks her intellectual rigour

I've just had the amusing experience of becoming involved in a number of "discussions" with a total fruitcake on Facebook. And when I say "total fruitcake", this chap makes Bonni the Nazi look like a model of reasonable debate. We were discussing various things: Pamela Geller's crazed McCarthyite list of organisations she thinks should be banned, his support for a neo-Nazi march in Sweden, and his strange contention that the Indian Rebellion of 1857 was an example of Muslims throwing a "homicidal conniption fit". (This despite the fact that the rebellion was led by a Hindu and most of those rebelling were Hindus.)

Now with Bonni one can have an argument. She may be a nasty piece of work but she fights her corner (or let her sheep fight it for her) by responding to the points raised. She may respond with lies, or insults, but she gives some kind of response. Eventually, if a commenter breaks an unwritten rule like saying something positive about President Obama, they get banned, but she isn't generally evasive. The anonymous coward who is responsible for Loonwatch Is a Propaganda Hate Site first of all responds with bluster, then denies what he's just posted, demands proof of the most easily confirmed facts (such as, Hamas is a legal organisation in Britain), denies and denies again the things he's posted just a few comments earlier, shifts entire discussions to a different comment thread altogether when he seems to be losing the argument in the hope that it will go unnoticed, sneakily deletes some comments he doesn't like (even Bonni only does that if she thinks they're actually illegal) and finally bans me and goes around deleting all my comments retrospectively (though he leaves his responses up, which merely makes it look as though he argues with himself, which would surprise nobody).

Actually I note that he's still posting responses to my now non-existent comments. LOL. As nobody else appears ever to comment on his page, it looks REALLY funny as it's so obvious.

Here's the anonymous coward's profile picture. Says it all really.

He appears to use the name "livingengine" on some other sites such as Youtube, but is equally anonymous and troll-like there too. I finally got a name from Twitter, where he calls himself Lawrence Estavan, claims to be american (which sounds right) and uses this avatar.

He's not the Lawrence Estavan who is the author of several books on American theatre history, nor the author of Roman Law In Plautus (did that amaze you?) He has a Facebook page as Lawrence Robert Estavan, and as soon as you visit you see a massive Stop Islamization Of America banner, so it's no surprise that he has drunk deeply of the Pamela Geller Kool-Aid. (Or as I put in in one of those deleted comments, he bought the Kool-Aid factory and is having it relocated to a settlement in Occupied Palestine.)

So hi, Lawrence. Sorry you're too much of a coward to own up to who you are on your nasty little hate site. Never mind, though: you're hilarious with or without a name.


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