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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter

Yes I know it's just after midnight so i'm late, though if they didn't bugger about with the clocks for British Fucking Summer Time I wouldn't be.


Happy Easter. Here is a picture of me and the wife taken yesterday in Glen Muick near Ballater. We spent five days up at the flat, and had wonderful weather for once. A day and a half of really good skiing (half a day at the Lacht and a day at Glenshee, the latter with the best snow we've encountered anywhere - better than the Alps, better than Colorado even). the we spent a day snowshoeing in Deeside, and finally (yesterday) we walked round Loch Muick. As I'd managed to break a snowshoe the previous day (fortunately only a few yards before I would have taken it off anyway) we didn't bother with them, which was mostly fine: there were a couple of places where the snow-covered path had received an avalanche and was thus simply a snow-covered snowdrift, and they were (briefly) heavy going. Another fantastic day, and as we neared the car park at the end of it we passed this snow scuplture (presumably done by the nature reserve wardens in a spare moment or three). there were various other people photographing it so we got one to take the pair of us.

We rounded off the day with a meal at the wonderfully named Lochnagar Indian Brasserie in Ballater. The service is rather slow, because they don't have nearly enough staff for when it's busy, but the food is wonderful, with a marvellous selection of specials and signature dishes which are definitely not standard Indian restaurant fare. I had Goan lamb shank with Afghan pilau, and Hilary had a chicken and chickpea dish whose name I forget. We had a side of chilli cauliflower, and shared a starter (the portions are very generous) of sizzling paneer (which was not only literally sizzling when served up but was fairly chilli-ish as well as being full of fresh coriander).

A good week.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that at the next table to ours in the restaurant were an engaged couple and her parents, engaged in an animated discussion about wedding plans. The funny thing was the list of guests they were discussing, full of Earls and Marchionesses and such. Definitely a society wedding then.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Roses and Thorns

For some reason I found myself humming this today. OK, it's Good Friday so very appropriate. Also, I recently went back to a school reunion, and I've been revisiting more of my schooldays via email (tales of weird physics experiments, the time one of my classmates hid in a cupboard and reappeared in mid-lesson, the time I and a colleague were briefly suspended for arranging a torrent of junk mail for an unpopular cleaner, that kind of stuff) - and I remember singing this in the school choir (it must have been for a Founder's Day service - just before Easter - and I was singing the bass line so early 1970s). I remember being very taken with the harmony - I wasn't terribly familiar with Tchaikovsky - and the last verse knocked me out. I also remember thinking the words were quite unusual too.

It seems to be number 5 in a set of sixteen Songs for Children. Interestingly, the lyrics to The Crown of Roses are a translation by Geoffrey Dearmer of the Russian of Aleksey Nikolayevich Pleshcheyev, but that in turn is a translation of a poem Roses and Thorns by Richard Henry Stoddard.

The young child Jesus had a garden,
Full of roses, rare and red:
And thrice a day he watered them,
To make a garland for his head.

When they were full-blown in the garden,
He called the Jewish children there,
And each did pluck himself a rose,
Until they stripped the garden bare.

"And now how will you make your garland?
For not a rose your path adorns."
"But you forget," he answered them,
"That you have left me still the thorns."

They took the thorns, and made a garland,
And placed it on his shining head;
And where the roses should have shone
Were little drops of blood instead!

And my reading of that Wikipedia page has guided me to a piece of music I had never heard before, but which will definitely take its place in my playlist:

It's only just occurred to me that the original English verse, unlike the retranslated one, emphasises the Jewishness of Christ's tormentors. As I don't read Russian I don't know whether the antisemitic trope was smoothed out when translating into or out of Russian. Thinking about it further, why is it considered antisemitic to state the fact - embarrassing though it may be - that it was Jews who were responsible for the mocking, torment and crucifixion of Jesus? Do people consider it anti-American to make any reference to Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

End Israeli Apartheid (or at least please stop funding it)

Pamela Geller doesn't like this ad, which has begun to appear across the USA.

Neither does Bonni the Holocaust denier. So let's see it again.

If they didn't like that one, imagine how much they'll love these:

But let's remember that apartheid is just the visible portion of the iceberg of human rights abuse that the Israeli regime commits every day of its existence.

Way to go, Frankie

Pope washes feet of female Muslim prisoner on Holy Thursday.

I can already hear the heads of the Islamophobes exploding: "He's a dhimmi" *He's just a PINO (Pope In Name Only)" "What next? Will he convert St Peter's to a mosque?"

So far, I like this Pope a lot.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Not to be confused with this

See more here. (Love the pictures of the Komondor and the Puli doing agility trials!)

A Valuable Lesson

A lesson at Florida Atlantic University intended to demonstrate the power of symbols (one might say the irrational power of symbols) has created a controversy.

The best summary of the whole rigmarole is given by commenter Sandra Kessler on the Huffington Post article:

This article leaves out some critical information about the classroom exercise. It was a lesson in the power of symbols. The whole point of the exercise is to demonstrate how powerfully symbolic the word Jesus is in that few students, even not particularly religious ones, would feel comfortable stomping on it even though it was only a word written on a piece of paper. Students refusing to stomp on it was the whole point of the exercise. The student was not suspended for not stomping on it, but apparently for posting threats to the instructor and other students. This article is an example of bad reportage.

Note that (a) students were expected to be unwilling to stand in the paper, so there would never have been any question of punishing someone for not doing so; (b) Rotela was actually suspended for threateneing behaviour towards his instructor.

No doubt if the lesson were repeated with the word "Evolution" or "Allah" or a flag of the USA it would evoke similar reactions, which simply prove the point the lesson was designed to make. I think the truly shocking thing is that FAU has caved in to bigotry and ignorance and promised never to use this valuable lesson again.

Actually, even worse than its caving in to the forces of ignorance is that the university has apologised, not to Dr Poole for its religiously-inspired interference in his classes and for its failure to defend him against bigotry and lies, but to Ryan Rotela, for employing a member of staff who did not feel inclined to cave in to threats. Florida Atlantic University - training students to be obedient sheep and rewarding them for inattentiveness in class and threatening behaviour. I bet it's really popular.

Meanwhile, here is the sort of everyday demonstration I think would be useful:

Of course, given my political beliefs, a Saltire would make the point even better:

Oh all right, let's go for the full set....

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Caledonia Dreaming

...or at least I am unless there is some radical revelation about the future of an independent Scotland that puts me off the idea. Right now I can't see how we could possibly be significantly worse off in the long term. Alex Salmond says his dream is of a "Nordic" Scotland, which would suit me fine. A high tax / high service social democracy up here while England degenerates into an isolationist, Europhobic neoconservative hell-hole? Bring it on.

Of course what I'd really like is a Republican socialist Scotland, but provided we don't have to suffer Charles III for very long I can probably thole the continuation of the monarchy. And where I'm blogging right now (Ballater in Aberdeenshire) I doubt there would be much enthusiasm for a republic: the royal family are a local fixture (the Queen's holiday home at Balmoral is about eight miles up the road, Charles has a house just outside the village, and every other shop has a big "By Appointment" badge outside (signifying preferred royal supplier status).

Maybe we should really set the cat among the pigeons and restore the Stuart monarchy in Scotland. They were, after all, perfectly good kings and queens of Scotland before James VI was persuaded to take the English throne as well, after which it all went tits up as the English tail wagged the Scottish lion.

Meanwhile, back at the republic....I hadn't heard this song for a very long time until I found it a few minutes ago. SNP campaign songs from the 1960s are great fun.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Day at the Races - and a happy one

While we're doing International Days, last Thursday was International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, whose theme this year was "Racism and Sport". Which gets everywhere. In Italy, for example, there have been some pretty vile racist chants against black players, as well as some unforgivable remarks by a disgraced politician. In Britain, the English Defence League organise similar chanting, and at least attempt to organise racist and anti-semitic violence against foreign fans. In some places racism moves beyond chanting to arson.

On a cheerier note, last Wednesday was the first UN International Day of Happiness. So here is a song all about happiness, from a musical all about racism.

Happy World Down Syndrome Day!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Fox News anchor handed his ass in a sack by old-timer Geraldo Rivera

Geraldo Rivera (pretty much unknown in the UK - I only know him because of references in old Doonesbury strips) was on Fox & Friends this week, where President Obama was being criticised for standing under a picture of Yasser Arafat when addressing a press conference with Mahmoud Abbas. Rivera, not unreasonably, pointed out that the 1993 Nobel Peace Prize winner was viewed as a founding father by the Palestinians. (He actually got his years mixed up: Arafat - along with Israelis Peres and Rabin - won in 1994, while the 1993 prize was shared by F W De Klerk and that other renowned "terrorist" Nelson Mandela.) Brian Kilmeade called Arafat the "father of modern terrorism", and Rivera patiently pointed out that Menachem Begin (Nobel Peace Prize 1978) had already been given that title - presumably by my countrymen - when he bombed the King David Hotel (which still holds the record for the greatest loss of life in a terrorist attack in the history of Israel/Palestine). When Rivera went on to say that Arafat was viewed by his countrymen as a heroic figure like George Washington, Kilmeade's head exploded. Obviously the idea that people labelled "terrorists" by the people they are fighting against tend to go on to become "heroes" when they are successful (Mandela, Begin, Washington, Guevara, McGuinness) was utterly beyond his limited cognition.

Obviously beyond the brains of Sean Hannity and Rudy "9/11...9/11...9/11" Giuliani too. But then, what isn't? Giuliani accuses Arafat of being a thief, which were Arafat not dead might have been an expensive piece of speculation: it's pretty certain that he turned a blind eye to corruption but so far I haven't seen any credible evidence that he personally stole from his people (which doesn't mean he didn't, of course). There are plenty of politicians who have done as much.

It amuses me that the report from Mediaite was headed Geraldo struggles to defend Palestinian "George Washington". It doesn't appear to me that Geraldo struggled at all: it was Kilmeade who had trouble keeping up.

Of course, the right-wing blogosphere has gone nuts over the Washington-Arafat comparison. I'll let you do your own browsing: score double points for the ones which feel it necessary to mention that Rivera is half-Jewish.

And let us remind ourselves of another historical figure. A "freedom fighter" who was captured, tried both for treason and for the indscriminate killing of civilians, and executed (suffering first the indignities of half-hanging, castration and evisceration, and later that of being portrayed on screen by Mel Gibson).

78 weeks is a VERY long time in politics

It would be lovely to think that in a few years' time September 18th might be a date even better known to Scottish schoolchildren than September 11th, and with much happier associations.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

One to cherish

I thought this was utterly priceless.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

By the way, which one's pink?

Never again.

Nemo nos impune lacessit

The Scottish Parliament has today voted by an overwhelming majority to learn the lessons from the Iraq conflict, and to pay respect to the many people who have lost their lives. The wrong of the vote 10 years ago was righted.

Today’s debate has made clear that the most important lesson is that our international affairs should be conducted as cooperatively as possible, and I can think of no better viewpoint that encapsulates the way people in Scotland would want their relationships with the rest of the world to be conducted.

This vote may have seemed pointless, but don't underestimate its symbolic importance. It sets out neatly the massive gulf between the UK and Scottish parliaments when it comes to foreign policy (not to mention morality and learning from history). The independence referendum isn't just going to be about "Shit on the most vulnerable members of society? (Y/N)" or "Abandon Europe and retreat ito insularity? (Y/N)" or even "Spend billions on obsolete nuclear weapons instead of a 21st century defence strategy? (Y/N)", but will also be about "Destroy sovereign nations with whom we have no grievance purely to gratify a self-serving politician's massive ego? (Y/N)". I'm voting NO to all those and YES to Scotland. How about you?

"It's Not Me!"

It seems wholly appropriate that after a 40-year school reunion with much catching up on what we've been doing (lawyers. accountants, a professor of pathology, property dealers and one FE lecturer - which would be me) I should revisit one of my all-time favourite films, Grosse Pointe Blank. Just finished watching it again, and it never grows stale.

But I should definitely have tried the "I'm a professional killer" line when faced with the what-have-you-been-up-to-since-we-left-school line. Maybe, like John Cusack in the film, I'd have found that people just passed over it with a "That's nice" or a "Growth industry!"

Monday, March 18, 2013

No pain, no gain

I just spent a fun weekend revisiting old haunts and meeting folk I hadn't seen for forty years. My old school (motto: Vincit qui patitur, best translated as per post title) has an alumni reunion dinner each year, and on of my classmates realised that it was a few months short of forty years ago that we all left. So after a good deal of organising (none of it by me) we met up on Friday evening in the pub up the road from the school (so often frequented....) before heading down to the dinner. And it was great. About a dozen of us, most of whom hadn't met face to face since 1973, peering at old school photographs, comparing notes on hated (or loved) teachers, finding out what we'd ended up doing and where, and reminiscing about the old days. The official speeches at the dinner were just a distraction, though two of the speakers were guys I remembered from a few years ahead of me in school (I sought them out later and we had another good chat (they'd both become lawyers, but we mustn't hold that against them).

On Saturday I pottered around Stockport, which has changed a bit since I was last there in the late 1980s, though less than I'd feared. It still felt like a kind of homecoming.

I suspect we will arrange similar reunions in future, though without the dinner jackets and speeches; just cutting to the imbibing of copious volumes of alcohol.

Couldn't resist this picture

Friday, March 15, 2013

De mortuis nil nisi debunkum

I wouldn't care to comment on whether this guy's medical credentials are genuine or came free with breakfast cereal, but he - and his chief fan Betty Martini D.Hum (Doctor of Humbug?) - have been responsible for one of the longest-running internet hoaxes ever (begun 1995 and still going strong - I was sent it today on Facebook). So I suppose even if his medical work was worthless he has achieved a kind of immortality.

At least unlike his fellow hoaxers who have devoted their lives to persuading people not to have their children vaccinated with the MMR triple vaccin (against Measles, Mumps and Rubella) Roberts has not been directly responsible for thousands of dead or disabled children. He was just a harmless attention-seeker.

For more health hoaxes, see here. I'm sorry to discover that the breast ogling one is a hoax: I was looking forward to increasing my lifespan that way. Guess it's back to the broccoli.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Footloose-Super Dança na Musica de eternos Grandes Filmes. Does exactly what it says on the tin.

While my mind was running on dance crazes such as the Time Warp, here is an amazing video which is buried under a heap of Footloose rip-offs on Youtube. This one is a compilation of pretty much every up-tempo dance scene in a movie, ever, all edited together with sublime skill and carpeted with Kenny Loggins doing Footloose. (The point at which I fell in love with it? Mary Poppins.)

Oh, and for non-British readers (or the very young), the post title may be explained here.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

It was astounding

Last night my kids and I went to see the first night in Edinburgh of the 40th anniversary tour of The Rocky Horror Show. Hilary decided to sit this one out, partly because she's found the last few weeks at work pretty exhausting (a lot of extra work connected with the merger of colleges) and partly because she wasn't totally convinced she wasnlt going to get showered with water, rice, toast etc. (These days they don't do that at live shows, though you'd be ill-advised to wear expensive lingerie to any film showings...) It was our first experience of the stage show, and great fun. All the cast were excellent, though special mention has to be made of Philip Franks's Narrator, whose response to each audience heckle was perfectly judged, and whose marvllously minimal version of the Time Warp (the first time) will stay with me forever.

BareNakedIslam - Never Knowingly Fact-Checked

One of the things I try to teach my students on their internet courses is to use common sense in deciding whether something you find on the web is trustworthy or not. For example, when we were practising web searches I suggested using Wikipedia, and was greeted with a chorus of disapproval because "Wikipedia isn't reliable". I then had to try to explain that yes, Wikipedia might need to be treated with caution if you were reading articles about, say, Hugo Chavez, Margaret Thatcher, or gay marriage, but it was unlikely that anybody had been applying their own agenda to the bonding structure of diborane, or the capital of Angola. (Though the capital of Israel might be another matter....)

None of which bothers Bonni the batshit Nazi when it comes to reposting rubbish from the web on her hate site. For Bonni, if it accords with her prejudices, she'll spin it, amplify it, add to it, embellish it, but never ever question it. For example, take this post. Copied from some randon American blogger (with a UK-registered blog) but with additional and utterly irrelevant bollocks about mixed bathing from Bonni herself, this story actually originated with an Egyptian news site. I'm not too well up on which ones support the regime or not, but I'd certainly treat them all with a little caution - and in this case I would be dead right to do so, as a little Googling and a visit to an Indian news site suggests. So the Egyptian story has "enactment of citizens' arrest", and mentions that tourist agencies had been checking to see if this was right. (It also mentions that some politicians were alarmed at the possibility of Egyptians starting to arrest each other.) Well, it wasn't right: there was no law enacted, merely advice from the Prosecutor-General. The army (who have a degree of influence in these things!) immediately told the P-G to shove it up his rear end as they had no intention of letting anyone do anything of the kind: and the man himself said that all he was doing in any case was promoting existing legislation which encourages citizens to do their bit if they see a crime being committed. So more the Neighbourhood watch than the NKVD. But notice that even the Egyptian's exaggeration wasn't enough for Bonni or the ultra-rightist she cribbed the story from, who describe the "new law" as allowing "unrestricted arrest of foreigners" as though it only applied to them. They also mention arrests for "blasphemy", though this is nowhere to be found in the original Egyptian piece, which is worried about disputes with shopkeepers. The actual statement from the prosecutor's office lists various offenses which (already) require citizens' arrests, such as sabotaging state facilities, disrupting public transport and acts of terrorism. (Not, you will note, "suspicion of spying" or "blasphemy".)

So Egypt already encourages people (unwisely, you might think) to tackle folk trying to pull off another 7/7 or Oklahoma bombing. Egyptians were worried that encouraging this might lead to a rash of haggling traders arresting each other. And the industrial Islamophobes spin this into a "new law" allowing "unrestricted arrest of foreigners". But then, these are the people who believe that a ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines is a breach of the US Constitution, so I suppose we shouldn't expect much from them in the way of reading comprehension. And I'm sure none of Bonni's regular commenters will bother even to follow the link to the Egyptian source, let alone apply any scepticism to the report.

Oh, and according to Bonni tourism is Egypt's "only money-making industry"? Aye, right. And the only reason to visit Egypt is sex tourism? Oh, of course, because these ignorant hillbilly hicks don't realise that Europeans have no need to go that far for sex when there are cheap flights to Amsterdam or Copenhagen (hell, if I wanted to pay for sex there are plenty of places in walking distance of my home). And what else don't they realise? That people whose idea of culture isn't restricted to scribbles that my school art teacher would have torn up for incompetence might be interested in these, this, or even this. Or indeed this (remembering that Cairo is where Aida was first performed).

Poor, poor Bonni. You really do have to laugh: every time she hits the keyboard she knocks more nails into the coffin of her pretended university education and urban sophistication. The woman's a hick, and a home-schooled hick at that.

Saturday, March 09, 2013

What religion is brown?

I recently posted about how Bonni Benstock-Intall, New York antisemite and Holocaust denier, sometimes pretends to care when non-Muslim Americans who happen to have brown skin are murdered, but how mostly she views it as acceptable collateral damage in the genocide of American Muslims she supports.

Here is an American Sikh who is becoming fed up at having the racial murders of Arab-Americans and of other brown-skin-Americans dismissed as merely case of mistaken identity by Islamophobes. These are racist murders by people who neither know nor care about the religious views of their victims.

Friday, March 08, 2013

It starts with a 12-year-old girl

...and the solution isn't exterminating all the Muslims in the world, or awaiting the second coming of the Lord while keeping all the Old Testament commandments: it's doctors and schools.

A real Jewish New York Woman, and unlike Bonni Benstock-Intall this one has an education and isn't a Holocaust denier

There is a radio programme (Get It On With Bryan Burnett) on BBC Radio Scotland that my wife and I often listen to, where the DJ selects a theme each night and listeners suggest songs that fit with it. Tonight, it being International Women's Day, the them is Women Who Have Inspired You. So naturally I have suggested Janis Ian. I see she's just won her second Grammy for the audiobook version of her autobiography Society's Child. It was one of the first books I got for my new Kindle and I'm really looking forward to reading it, but so far I've only dipped into it.

Janis's first Grammy, of course, was for At Seventeen, surely the finest song ever written about how it feels to be teenaged, self-conscious, friendless and insecure.

Janis came to prominence at the age of only thirteen when she recorded Society's Child (Baby I've Been Thinking), whose story of an inter-racial relationship was enough in 1964 to get her death threats (and to have a radio station in Atlanta which played it burned down). Here she is singing it on TV at the age of sixteen.

Here is her chilling Tattoo about the Holocaust. (Janis Ian is Jewish.)

This must be one of the best songs ever written about the death of a relationship.

And just to prove that the lass isn't all doom and gloom, here she is singing her own My Tennessee Hills with Dolly Parton

In the red corner, a dumbass who can't count up to twelve. In the blue corner, Albert Einstein and Richard Feynman, two of the greatest scientists who ever walked the Earth. Guess whose opinions I favour?

I wasn't intending to waste any time tonight on Bonni the Holocaust denier and her Bare Naked Lies N'Hate site, but this was too funny to pass up.

First of all, let's all have a good laugh at the fact that Bonni is unable to count up to twelve: she lists 12 Muslim Nobel laureates then says that there are only 11, proving that not even she reads the drivel she posts.

Yes, of course there are hundreds of Jewish Nobel laureates, especially in the sciences: and almost every one was working in a country where scientific research, innovation and education are valued. Countries such as Britain, the USA, the USSR, Germany, France....but not Israel. Since Israel was invented in 1948, its poor benighted citizens have produced only a handful of Nobel laureates, with no scientists at all until 2004. Guess that's what happens when you tear them out of their labs to play at being "brave IDF soldiers".

Dan Shechtman, Chemistry, 2011
Ada E. Yonath, Chemistry, 2009
Robert Aumann, Economics, 2005
Aaron Ciechanover, Chemistry, 2004
Avram Hershko, Chemistry, 2004
Daniel Kahneman, Economics, 2002
Yitzhak Rabin, Peace, 1994
Shimon Peres, Peace, 1994
Menachem Begin, Peace, 1978
Shmuel Yosef Agnon, Literature, 1966

Perhaps if there was a Nobel prize for Weapons of Mass Destruction, or Genocide, or Terrorist Bombing, there would have been more Israeli winners, but as it is I suspect Israel is doomed to permanent Little League status in serious research: which of course is why there is no queue of Jewish scientists wanting to leave their well-funded American, British or even Turkish laboratories to go and work in Tel Aviv's bomb factories. Of course, one very famous Jewish Nobel-winning scientist from Bonni's list, for all his brilliance, wasn't squeamish about creating WMDs, and indeed supervising the research that led to the Nazi gas chambers. (What a shining example for the as-yet-uninvented nation.) On the other hand, the gloriously all-American Jew Richard Feynman may have worked on the development of the A-bomb, but was clearly inimical to the racial doctrines central to the Jewish state:

Although born to and raised by parents who were Ashkenazi, Feynman was not only an atheist, but declined to be labelled Jewish on supposedly "ethnic" grounds. He routinely refused to be included in lists or books that classified people by race. He asked to not be included in Tina Levitan's The Laureates: Jewish Winners of the Nobel Prize, writing, "To select, for approbation the peculiar elements that come from some supposedly Jewish heredity is to open the door to all kinds of nonsense on racial theory," and adding "…at thirteen I was not only converted to other religious views, but I also stopped believing that the Jewish people are in any way 'the chosen people'"

And let us remember that Albert Einstein was offered the Presidency of Israel in 1952 but turned it down: why go somewhere where the only interest anyone takes in your work is in how many millions of people they can use it to slaughter?

I could take the Howard Shore soundtrack CD with me to play as we drive

The Saunders family will be fetching up in San Francisco toward the end of July this year (being bald, I'll be sure to tape some flowers to my head). One thing we know is that SF is not a car-friendly place: few parking spots, and wickedly devoted meter attendants. so the car will mostly be staying in the hotel garage.

But as the kids and I at least are huge fans of a certain film, and are reminded of this scene in it every time we drive over the Forth Road Bridge, I think we simply must make an in-car pilgrimage across the Dumbarton Bridge.

Hey, there are wildlife reserves at both ends: we might find a cocktail party....

For International Women's Day

A day to celebrate if you give a XX.

Here's another of Shania's that probably doesn't get too much airplay in Saudi Arabia.

And how could I leave this one out?

Finally, here is Dick Gaughan's tribute to Flora Macdonald and all the other courageous, hidden women. (Song written by Brian McNeill.)

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

The "Patriot" movement - booming but still to be busted

What the USA needs is a war on the actual terrorism which is growing at an alarming rate in the USA itself.

Here in Britain we're well aware that the main terrorist threat, now as it has always been, is not from people who look like Osama bin Laden but from people who look like Anders Breivik or Timothy McVeigh. Or like these guys. Or this one, come to that, whose gang of thugs slaughtered more civilians (many of them British) when they blew up the King David Hotel than the 7/7 bombers did in London. Of course, no government runs a museum celebrating the 7/7 bombers, nor is the anniversary of that atrocity the subject of national celebration. (Though of course it's only Israel's ruling regime that celebrates terrorism: ordinary Israelis are as horrified by it as ordinary Americans, Arabs or Iranians.)

So by all means remember the people who died on September 11th 2001 (though please remember all of them, not just the New Yorkers - and remember many of them were Muslims), but let's also remember the victims of the second-largest loss of life from a terrorist attack in the USA. I know I will, when we visit Oklahoma City this summer.

And tonight, when I at last God behold my salute will sweep his blue threshold with something spotless, a diamond in the ash... which I take in spite of you and that's... My panache.

Today is the birthday of the real, historical Cyrano de Bergerac (394 years ago). That's the poet with the big nose, the quick temper and the enviable facility with a sword, about whom Edmond Rostand wrote a famous play which was turned into an even more famous film (my all-time favourite). Here's the scene where a foppish but rather nasty piece of work has delibertaly provoked him into a duel, and he announces that he will improvise a poem, in rhyme, as he fights.

If you want to see how that scene ends (though you've probably guessed) I can only find it with French subtitles here

Bonni the Nazi and her Hitler fan club show perfectly who are the savages and who the civilised human beings

And here's a post which covers a whole host of Bonni's quaint ideas about geography and culture, not to mention her (and her sheeple's) hatred for women.

Obviously Bonni has no time for the idea that a Canadian girl might enjoy playing football ("Who cares?") But she has the peculiar idea that there are no churches or synagogues in Islamic countries. ("When Muslim countries allow churches and synagogues to be built, you can talk about 'fair,' bitch".) Hmm. So the six hundred churches in Iran supporting 300,000 Christians, and the thirty-six synagogues for Iran's 25,000 Jews (Jews who are "proud to be Iranian and have no intention of leaving) must all be wicked inventions - taqqiya to fool the foolish dhimmis. (Damn these Muslims, building synagogues and filling them with Jews just so they can pretend they aren't genocidal antisemites.)

The knuckle-draggers in the comment box are even better, with this one describing a concerned mother as a "disgusting c*nt" (the word is CUNT, lovie - or do you think a site which posts the kind of snuff porn that Bonni so loves to wallow in is going to take offense at good old-fashioned English?) and her daughter as a "walking vagina":

July 10, 2012 @ 3:34 pm

The mother is a disgusting c*nt.

“As a mother, I was really sad for my daughter…”

Oh, she’s sad that her daughter has to follow the dress code but not sad that she allows her NINE YEAR OLD daughter to be seen as a walking vagina that must cover up so as not to force troglodyte males to “sin.”

Then there's this moron (with whom Bonni totally agrees) who seems convinced that Islam forbids football, other sports, music and humour:

Kafir Harby
July 11, 2012 @ 1:14 pm

What I don’t understand is that they pretend to be devout muslims, so they want to wear the hijab while playing soccer, but they never mention that soccer is haram, not allowed in islam. Music and sports are not acceptable in islam, neither is humor.

Evidently nobody told the professional footballers in Saudi Arabia that they're not Muslim. I doubt whether anyone would dare to suggest to any Pakistani that their national obsession with cricket was in any way contrary to their religion. All those Bangladeshis, Pakistanis and Iranians playing kabaddi every chance they get. In the Olympics last year Iran got 48 medals, Pakistan 10 and even Saudi Arabia 2 (Israel could only manage 7.) And here in the UK we have hundreds of top-class British Muslim sportsmen and -women, most famously Mo Farah, double Olympic running champion. Of course, Bonni and her tame morons are not alone in the USA in knowing sod all about any of them. (That interview had the whole of the UK laughing for days.)

No music? So these guys are computer-generated fakes? This never happened? Aamir Khan and Saif Ali Khan are really Jews in disguise? All the vibrant music scene in Mali - well, everyone knows there are no Muslims there, right? Nor in Senegal.

No humour? Oh, so the long tradition of Islamic jokes (rivalling the Jewish one) is imaginary. And there are no American Muslim comedians, oh no. (OK, I didn't say they were especially funny, but at least they're trying. Personally I've never found Jerry Seinfeld funny, but I know he's a comedian.)

So all this ranting, far from showing Islam in a bad light, merely points up the contrast between the dignified Canadian Muslims and the illiterate, potty-mouthed xenophobes down in the Hicksville IP (Islamophobia). More of that please, Bonni.

Must be because Islam isn't a race that Bonni and her fellow enthusiasts for genocide sweep up so many non-Muslims in their ethnic cleansing attempts

If you were reading this blog back in November 2011 you may recall this post (just kidding, I don't really imagine you remember it) in which I drew attention to Bonni Benstock-Intall's utter lack of concern about Sikhs' being murdered by mistake for Muslims:

June 29, 2011 at 7:59 PM
 Sikhs and Hindus wear turbans, not Muzzies. Just want you to get it straight so that if you all go on a rampage in England or wherever, you won’t do what some stupid fundies did in AZ and kill a Sikh.

to which Bonni replied:

June 29, 2011 at 8:54 PM
Big deal, one Sikh got killed by someone thinking it was a muslim. Next?

So back then she wasn't bothered about non-Muslims getting killed just as long as people were trying (and usually succeeding) to kill Muslims. Because, hey, they're all filthy smelly brown-skinned sub-humans, right?

Back in February she wasn't worried about mistaken identity murders either. Indeed, when CAIR suggested that killing a Sikh by mistake for a Muslim should be treated as a hate crime, she decided that this meant that they wanted only attacks on Muslims to be treated as hate crimes. (Yes, I know, children, that's exactly the opposite of what CAIR asked for. Next?)

But in between, Bonni has had twinges of fake concern for Sikhs. Here, for example, she suggest that it would be a good idea if they took steps to protect themselves agauinst being mistaken for Muslims, for example by wearing big signs saying "SIKH" on them. Well, Bonni's idol Adolf had a similar idea: he made sure non-Jews wouldn't be mistaken for Jews by making all the Jews wear big yellow stars. What both cases have in common, of course, is the tacit assumption that the murderous attacks on the "sub-humans" must continue.

And now, a few days ago, Bonni publishes a guide to turbans so that potential murderers can more accurately target the Muslims she wants them to kill. She says as much:

Many people mistake Sikhs for Muslims due to their turbans, which often makes Sikhs targets of attacks meant for Muslims. Please study the differences in Sikh (right) and Muslim headgear below. You might be able to save a Sikh’s life one day.

That's "save a Sikh's life" as in "murder somebody else".

When a Muslim-hating loon murdered a Hindu in New York just before Christmas, the lesson Bonni took from it was that all Muslims should leave New York because it wasn't safe for them (har, har). When a commenter pointed out that the victim was, in fact, a Hindu. here's what she had to say:

December 29, 2012 @ 7:34 pm
According to the New York Times the man murdered by this idiot was a Hindu.

This one not appropriate for BNI. I suggest you may want to take it down.

December 29, 2012 @ 8:03 pm
XY, the point is that she thought he was a Muslim.

December 29, 2012 @ 8:22 pm
No, the point is that he is NOT a Muslim and he was murdered by a lunatic who would have killed a dark skinned Safardi Jew as well. This post will be hurtful to his family and friends and there are more than enough other an better issues for BNI to post about than a murder of an innocent man.

December 29, 2012 @ 8:27 pm
You totally miss the point. But since you are not my employer, I don’t have to bow to your request

The "point", of course, being that it doesn't matter to Bonni what kind of brown-skinned Untermensch gets killed provided that there are plenty of killings and that the Muslims are terrorized by the knowledge that they are the intended target. Indeed, even killing white-skinned, blue-eyed Nordic children is fine by her if it's intended to send a signal that Muslim immigration must stop. (Yet to her head-shaking incomprehansion, the foolish Norwegian government persists in blaming the murders on a white supremacist terrorist instead of on brown sub-humans.)

Monday, March 04, 2013

Tales out of school.....

Excellent concert with Edinburgh Symphony Orchestra on Saturday night: Shostakovich's Sixth Symphony, Prokofiev's Second Violin Concerto (with Andrea Gajic), and Tchaikovsky's First Symphony ("Winter Daydreams"). If I'm being scrupulously honest we were a wee bit scrappy in the finale of the Tchaikovsky (the fugue in particular) but we survived*. And everything else was really good. Ms Gajic played the concerto fabulously (a piece I'd only ever heard once before we started rehearsing it).

In my programme note I described the finale of the Shostakovich as gradually coming to resemble a trip in the Back To The Future De Lorean: music that sounds as though it's plutonium-powered and supervised by a mad scientist. And in this Mravinsky live performance it really does!

* As any British schoolchild will tell you, "survived" comes after "divorced/beheaded/died/divorced/beheaded" - and it felt as though we'd encountered two beheadings and a funeral on the way......

Friday, March 01, 2013

Well, you know what they say: Real Daleks don't climb stairs, they level the building

I found this on Facebook and couldn't resist reposting it here with a tiny edit which I'm sure you'll spot.

Dedicated to the Netanyahu regime and its policies foreign and domestic.