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Monday, December 31, 2012

More lies, geographical and historical ignorance about America Jews from Bonni the New York Nazi

The only Islamic country I've visited (apart from an unintended overnight stop in Cairo on the way back) is Yemen, so this post from Bonni the Nazi caught my eye. Let's see what she has to say:

YEMEN: Normally the bounty for a U.S. Ambassador would be $100,000, but for a Jewish one, it jumps to $160,000

Al-Qaeda’s branch in Yemen is offering a bounty of gold worth $160,000 to anyone who kills Gerald M. Feierstein, the U.S. ambassador to Yemen. Did Barack Hussein Obama intentionally send a Jewish Ambassador to a country that cleansed itself of almost its entire Jewish population several years ago?

Well, where does one begin? In the story underneath her headline, from Fox News (of course) we discover that the bounty has been offered for anyone who kills the US Ambassador or an American soldier. Hardly a surprise, when you consider the number of Yemeni civilians being slaughtered on a regular basis by the United States military (let us remember that the USA has never been at war with Yemen). When your people are being murdered by cowards who blow you up and melt away, what do you do? When it happened to the USA in 2001, the USA took action (OK, against the wrong countries, but hey...) If I were a Yemeni right now I expect that I would have joined al-Qaeda to fight the American murderers.

What isn't in the report, of course, but is wholly invented by Bonni, is the whole business of the bounty being increased because the Ambassador is Jewish. Earth to Bonni: nobody cares. Certainly not President Obama (sorry, "Barack Hussein Obama"), who sent him because he's a specialist on the region. (Previously he was working in Islamabad: perhaps President Obama deliberately moved a "Jewish" Ambassador out of harm's way?)

And as for Yemen having "cleansed itself of almost its entire Jewish population several years ago", the vast majority of its Jewish population were secretly airlifted from Yemen to Israel in 1949 and 1950 by British and American aircraft at the request of newly-created Israel (which paradise on Earth was having trouble finding enough dupes to go and live there). Israel continues to try to remove the last Jews from Yemen: the Yemenis don't. So this may be a first: Bonni criticizing a piece of Israeli ethnic cleansing (only of course because she imagines it to be a case of Arab antisemitism).

While life for Yemen's four hundred or so remaining Jews isn't brilliant, it sounds as though many of their problems resulted from a corrupt Chief Rabbi (now sacked) rather than from government persecution.

The marvel of the age

A piece of my childhood died a few days ago with Gerry Anderson. best known as the creator of Thunderbirds, he was also responsible for Supercar, Fireball XL5 and Stingray, all of which I watched (as well as Captain Scarlet and Joe 90, by which time I'd grown out of puppet shows, or at least until the Muppets appeared). Anderson's puppets became a much-loved part of British life in the 1960s, as well as proving irresistible to parodists around the world.

And how many people can still sing along with this?:

And the way in which Thunderbirds 1, 2 and 3 launched gave rise to much mirth (couldn't they just climb up ladders like fighter pilots?), much of it centred around how annoying it would be to be swimming in the pool during a launch of T1.

That Was the Year That Was

As usual at this time of year, we've been up in our Ballater flat for the past few days. We'll be heading along the road (past Balmoral) to stay with our friends (and godchildren) in Braemar for Hogmanay. I shan't be taking the laptop, so this group of posts will be my last for 2012.

So, 2012 then. An eventful year for the Saunders family, and for me in particular I suppose. Back in March I took Voluntary Severance from Lloyds Banking Group (ie they made me an offer I would have been insane to refuse), since which time I've been unemployed and looking for work. At least I could draw my pension immediately, and the UK government pays a "Jobseekers' Allowance" for the first 6 months of unemployment (provided you provide evidence that you are actually looking for work), as well as providing suggestions for things to apply for. Anyway, immediately after I "retired" Hilary and I had a ski trip to Courchevel in the French Alps. The week after that, I celebrated my newly-unemployed status by suffering a brain haemorrhage. Fortunately I was at home and didn't do anything worse than strain a shoulder when I collapsed. Even more fortunately, I made a full recovery in a few days without any medical or surgical intervention: just rest and a truckload of anticonvulsant drugs. I had to surrender my driving license because I'd had seizures, and while I'm now fully signed-off as fit by all the doctors, I'm still waiting for the DVLA to get its admin done and issue me a new one. (Which will be a modern one with photo ID: my previous one was one of the old pink paper ones, and it will seem a little odd being dragged kicking and screaming - or maybe twitching and groaning - nto the 21st century.) I was very lucky, certainly, and it proves that life is full of surprises. When I was first diagnosed with A1AD, and before I found that I was symptom-free (for the present), I remarked that it was strange to realise that I now knew with reasonable certainty what I would die of, barring accidents. To which nature responded, "Ha!". (A1AD still asymptomatic, BTW.)

While at the time of blogging I'm still unemployed, I have a job beginning on 21st January as a temporary IT lecturer at Edinburgh College, a local Further Education college formed this year from the merger of three smaller ones. (Those who can, do: those who can't....) I'll be teaching five courses, ranging from an HND-level (that's the next qualification down from a degree) course on "Professional Issues in Computing" to introductory courses on Microsoft Office and using Google Search for people training to be nurses or beauticians. I don't kid myself it will be anything but hard work - and stressful to boot at first - but I am actually looking forward to it. When I first graduated in chemistry all those decades ago I wanted to be a teacher, before the siren strains of IT worked their magic spell. I always enjoy a challenge, and this will have plenty, from how to make the Data Protection Act interesting to how to teach a brand-new class on "Digital Still Image Capture" (one of my tasks for the start of 2013 is to bring myself up to speed on Photoshop and Flash, not to mention the most recent version of Office). I've met my soon-to-be-coworkers and received a lot of help already, which is encouraging. No doubt there will be plenty of material for blogging (pausing only to ensure that I don't become my own teaching aid by breaching confidentiality). For some strange reason I keep thinking of this film (though I doubt whether I shall be adopting the Sidney Poitier approach):

One of Edinburgh College's predecessors was Stevenson College, onto which I used to look from my office in the bank, and where my wife is acting head of music and creative industries. Her job is going through all kinds of changes as a result of the merger, and while not immediately at risk of redundancy she hasn't much clue what it will look like by the end of 2013. I'll be seeing her work at closer quarters next year as we'll be working in adjacent buildings.

Edinburgh College may not have Lulu or The Mindbenders providing a musical soundtrack, but it has a lot of great musicians, a population currently including my son. He graduated with an HND in the summer and is now working towards a degree. His glowing academic results would be scary if we couldn't see for ourselves how much work he puts in (currently writing an essay on Jerry Springer: The Opera as well as practising his drum kit several hours a day in preparation for his degree recital. Well, he is doing this as part of it.) Meanwhile, he continues to get lucrative work with the Robin Robertson Blues Band (or R2B2 as we have taken to calling them), ranging from gigs in pubs so tiny he had to set up his drum kit in the fire exit (no roomsful of people were reduced to charred corpses in the making of this pay cheque) to blues festivals where people actually came primarily to hear the music. In July 2013 Ruairidh will turn 21, which milestone (insignificant as it now is legally in the UK, where you become an adult at 18) we shall be celebrating with a road trip down Route 66 and up the Pacific Coast. The flights to and from Chicago have been booked (BA have a sale on): we're on our way. Our daughter couldn't get the whole of July on holiday, so will fly over later and join the rest of us somewhere around Albuquerque or Las Vegas. There is much talk of motels and diners, of Chicago blues clubs, the Chain of Rocks Bridge, Hoover Dam, Monument Valley, elephant seals and roadrunners.

Our daughter Vanessa moved in with her boyfriend into a flat not too far way in Edinburgh, so the house seems more spacious, and quieter. Early in 2012 she left behind the caffeinated joys of being a Starbucks supervisor and got a job as a banker (oh, the shame....). Actually she works in a call centre for Scottish Widows (now part of the same group I used to work for) advising callers on the ramifications of withdrawing money from their tax-efficient savings vehicles (which are surrounded, like anything to do with tax, by huge numbers of government rules). She spends a lot of her time on the phone with confused old ladies whose heads have caved in under the weight of legislation (and who are often surprised that investments linked to the stock market can sometimes lose money). She is really enjoying it though, and her employers are very happy with her.

So, there it is. 2012, eh? I shan't wish you all a happy new year yet though. When I moved to Scotland in 1981, one of the cultural shifts I had trouble getting used to was the whole "Happy New Year" thing. In England, you wish it when you're saying goodbye to people at the end of December, so you might wish your office colleagues HNY on Christmas Eve. In Scotland, more logically in some ways, HNY is wished at the first meeting AFTER the new year begins. Which sounds innocuous, but it doesn't half seem weird the first time you are given a HNY handshake on about 21st January. Tonight, in between watching the TV celebrations and eating and drinking too much, I shall be shoved out of the Braemar back door to come in the front, thus ensuring that a tall dark male (or a bald overweight Chartered Engineer, or whatever it is) is the first over the threshold in 2013. Well, it's traditional: and we Scots have a lot of traditions.

Thursday, December 27, 2012


In a recent post I described the UK Independence Party as "soft" neofascists. Well, one of their members who is running for elected office in a couple of southern English councils is clearly not all that soft, arguing as he does for the compulsory abortion of disabled foetuses and euthanasia of the old.

Even the UKIP leadership, scenting even larger than usual electoral embarrassment ahead, has distanced itself from his pronouncements (though how much distance they would maintain were he actually to achieve the unheard-of feat of not coming last in an election remains to me seen).

This post dedicated to all in the "Patriot Movement", and all "Preppers"

Thanks to Stop the World, the Teabaggers Want Off

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Another one bites the dust

Excellent news from Britain - the British Freedom Party, political wing of the Englsih Defence League paramilitary thugs, can no longer contest elections at any level above parish council. This is because the genuises which run it are incapable of doing even the minimal paperwork to keep a political party registered, and thus their registration has lapsed.

Of course, there's nothing on the BFP's website about this, and the English Nazis who frequent the comment streams at BareNakedIslam still post links implying that the BFP is still a real political party. (Mind you, one of them recently commented that UKIP - the UK Independence Party, a sort of "soft" neofascist party, opposed to immigration, the EU and any kind of "multiculturalism" but committed to parliamentary democracy) was poised to take control at the next election. A neat trick, that, for a party which has never, in all its history, won a single British parliamentary seat.)

Do we still need them, should we still feed them, now they're sixty-four?

The Fuhrer of the world's worst human rights violator and second biggest exporter of state terror really is set on the destruction of Israel: which is the only possible outcome if he refuses to obey the law and enter into peaceful negotiations with its neighbours. If his regime wants it to be Israel v Rest of World, bring it on, Ben.

And how can Jerusalem have been "the capital of the Jewish state for 3,000 years" when the Jewish state was only invented sixty-four years ago? Maybe Israel's war-crazed junta needs so to spend less money (other countries' money, of course, mostly the USA's) on nuclear weapons, landmines, cluster bombs and other indiscriminate weapons banned by civilised nations, and a little more on education, beginning with maths and history.

I am definitely beginning to feel - as I never did when previous Israeli regimes at least pretended to be interested in peace with their neighbours - that the time has come to declare the experiment of setting up "Israel", and allowing its rulers to run it as a "Jewish state" (i.e a racist theocracy, rather than the democracy they pretended to favour) to have failed. Time to send Ben the way of Saddam (whose human rights record, vile though it was, was a hundred times batter than Nothingyahoo's). If any reader can suggest items which can be set to Israel's credit ledger (i.e. things of benefit to mankind which have happened because of the existence of Israel which would not have happened, or would happened later, had Israel never existed) I would love to hear about them. After all, the endless stream of wars, murders, genocide, torture, human rights abuses and the export of arms and terrorists around the world: these are all well-known. But has the existence of Israel facilitated a single positive thing?

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

God Bless Us Every One

The best antidote to lies is truth: and thus the best antidote to all the stupid lies about Muslims demanding that Christmas trees be torn down, or protesting against Santa's visit to a primary school, is to post some pictures from Dakar.

Dakar (most famous for the Paris-Dakar rally) is the capital of Senegal: and Senegal is a majority Muslim country (best known for its vibrant musical culture). So not somewhere you'd expect much in the way of Christmas celebrations - perhaps private ones, low-key?

Balls to that. Dakar goes the whole hog, with even the Central Mosque being festooned ith Christmas lights. And why not? Jesus is a prophet of Islam just as surely as he is the Son of God for Christians, and it's his birthday.

Here is the story from the Huffington Post. it's worth looking at all the pictures.

Meanwhile, here's somewhere else where Muslims and Christians get on fine (and when the IDF and settler terrorists aren't shooting or bombing them they both get along with Jews as well).

Anyway, a very happy Christmas to all readers of EKN, whether they be Christian, Muslim, Jewish, atheist or anything else.

For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved. (John 3:17)

Note that "the world". Not "Christians". Not "everyone except Muslims and leftists". Not "everyone except neo-Nazis and Zionists". Not "everyone except gays and lesbians". THE WORLD. From Martin Luther King to Osama bin Laden, from Frank Zappa to Benyamin Netanyahu, from Anders Breivik to Hillary Clinton.

He is the atoning sacrifice for our sins, and not only for ours but also for the sins of the whole world (1 John 2:2).

So relax. Chill. Be of good cheer. Not only did the world not end on 21st December, but you're not going to Hell. And neither are those other guys.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Bonni indulges in some wishful thinking

Further to the question posed in my last post, Bonni of BNI, whatever it is, it knows bugger all about Jews and even less about Norway. According to Bonni the Hitler fan, "Norway is now Judenrein (Jew-free)". Yeah, you wish, Bonni.

According to Wikipedia there are around 1500 Jews in Norway, but wikipedia isnlt the best source for that kind of data. The World Jewish Congress, though, might be expected to know whether there are Jews left, and indeed where, and how many. It reckons there are 150-200 observant Jews in Oslo, and a further 120 in Trondheim, with another 500 or so Jews who take no part in the Norwegian Jewish community. So about half Wikipedia's figure, but still far from Judenrein, especially when you consder that even before the Nazis invaded during World War Two there were only 1700 Jews in Norway. But declaring that Norway is now safe for the Anders Breivik fan club like Bonni and her sheep sounds much more vigorous - more as though somebody had deliberately expelled the Jews - than saying that Norway's tiny Jewish population is continuing its slow shrinkage as people drift away from the Jewish community, assimilate and intermarry with non-Jews. I suppose it also means that Bonni's bunch don't have to face the distateful reality of Jews having relationships with Gentiles.

The decrease in numbers of British Jews she refers to also appears to result from intermarriage with non-Jews and a low birth rate, though emigration (presumably to Israel) plays a small part.

Still, as Bonni say, who cares? Certanly not her: in a post back in February she bemoaned the fact that Norway had "learned nothing" from the Breivik massacre, by which she meant that its government hadn't caved in to his terrorism and begun to expel Muslims and/or leftists (and remember that Bonni considers most Jews - and all European ones - to be dangerous leftists). In this post on the continuing rise of the European far right after the Breivik massacre she enthuses about parties that promise 'a new emphasis on Europe’s ethnic “purity” and Christian identity.' So while nobody has driven out the Jews from Europe yet, Bonni considers it a hopeful sign that parties committed to it are on the rise. And I suppose for a raving anti-semite like her, it is.

Bonni Benstock Intall: not a Jew, not an American. What the hell is it?

Someone needs to teach Bonni Benstock Intall the Holocaust denier at BareNakedIslam, that she may be able to pass herself off as Jewish with her ignorant racist sheep, but if she wants to pass herself off as an American she'll need to take American History 101.

From her most recent post:

In a show of Islamic fanaticism, al-Qaeda linked rebels are going around and destroying liquor bottles. Can female genital mutilations, honor killings, and destruction of all the churches be far behind?

Well, let's see.....

In 1923, Prohibition Bureau agents seized 749 cases of beer that were being transported from a Philadelphia brewery to DC. The judge overseeing the case ordered that the beer be destroyed. Agents smashed 18,000 bottles of beer – one at a time – in the Arlington dump in November 1923.

Gee, Bonni, I don't know. I don't have the 1924 US statistics for church destruction, female genital mutilation and honour killings handy. But 1924 doesn't seem to have been that kind of a year for the USA. Nor do any of the ones since.

P.S. Some of Bonni's sheep are just as much at sea over European history. Under a post on Britain's Prince Harry's having supposedly killed a Taliban commander (yeah, yeah - probably just a six-year-old kid at a birthday party as usual) we have the mighty intellect of "Arjay" asking

By what year do you think the European FEMALE royals start adhering to sharia? Sweden’s Princess Royal is HRH Princess Victoria…. I believe. With Sweden one of the first nations to convert to a province in the not so distant future Eurabia…. when will Princess Victoria start wearing the hirjab at every public function?

I am sure it will happen before Eurabia gets Swedistan. After all, to forestall the inevitable and “show how multi-cultural they are” I am certain hirjab wearing princesses will appear while Sweden is still somewhat independent.

Or have I missed the mark and is this happening already? I have seen images of European female royals wearing scarves, but I always thought this was when they visitied muslims nations. However, IF ANY HIRJAB WEARING took place on the soil of their home European nation…. WTF???? These are members of the ruling royal families of these European nations… for ANY female royale to wear a hirjab on her own turf is vulgar.

I don't know about Sweden, but our Queen wears scarves much of the time.

And her great-great-grandmother habitually wore a head-covering veil.

But hey, Victoria married her first cousin Albert so she was clearly under Muslim influence (:-)).

Sunday, December 23, 2012

“To us, the spirit of Christmas is the spirit of brotherly love, and why wouldn’t we want to be a part of it?”

What's that I hear? Is it sleigh bells? Angels singing? The hooves of Santa's reindeer? No, it's the exploding heads of the morons who keep on trying to pretend that Islam is a religion of hate, that Muslims hate non-Muslims, and that they are commanded to kill them. Whay are they exploding? Because of this heartwarming Christmas story from Canada, which despite having an Islamophobic douchebag as Prime Minister is less hostile to Muslims in general than the United States (where this effort would probably be spun by the religious right as an attempt to force Halal food/Sharia Law/taqqiya/veils onto Americans.

Dongs are chiels that winna Ding Ding

It's always fun playing in the Jubilo choir's carol concert with Edinburgh Players. Good music, great atmosphere, and the flautists outdoing each other with silly headgear for "Jingle Bells". This year (yesterday evening) one of the unaccompanied carols was this arrangement of Ding Dong Merrily On High, which I hadn't heard before. Sort of Dave Brubeck meets David Willcocks.

This should be too obvious to need saying. Apparently that isn't the case.

Have yourself a hate-filled little Christmas. Love, Israel

The Israeli Government shows that it can't be trusted to behave decently in civilised countries. (And then claims an anonymous big boy did it and ran away.) Because nothing demonstrates civilisation better than making use of another country's religion to promote your own country's genocidal dictatorship.

What was that about supporting the civilised man in any war with a savage?

Anyway, Ireland has shown itself to be the civilised party here by generously permitting the hatemongering Israeli creeps to stay instead of shoving them on the first flight to Tel Aviv and turning their embassy site into a Starbucks.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Only Connect

Each January, Glasgow hosts Celtic Connections, a festival of world music with special emphasis on the Celtic diaspora. Last year I didn't go to any events (didn't organise myself to book in time). This year there were a few that took my fancy. Aimee Mann I had to miss because of an orchestra rehearsal, Ngoni Ba because of my quartet (playing music generally takes precedence over listening). But I've just booked to see Le Mystere des Voix Bulgares and Little Feat (not together!) and I'm very much looking forward to both gigs.

I know, and I don't

I just poke fun at their pathetic attempts to show their intellectual and racial superiority. OF COURSE they're not amenable to persuasion by rational argument. Duh!

Real Jews, Fake Jews

For Bonni the Holocaust denier, as we have seen, Jews (even Israeli Jews) who fail to hate Islam with sufficient venom are "Jews In Name Only", who "hate Israel" and were responsible for the Holocaust.

So I wonder what the professional Nazi will have to say about the attendance of Israel's Chief Rabbi at a recent Hanukkah meal in Manhattan attended by eight prominent New York Muslim leaders? I mean, the spiritual leader of Israel's and the world's Jews can't possibly be a genuine Jew unless he hates black and brown people (and most other Americans) as much as celebrated (by half a dozen loons) fake Jew Bonni Benstock-Intall.

I would like to dedicate this post to all those morons who believe that opposition to the Zionist military goons currently running (or ruining) Israel implies hatred of all Jews. I don't personally have a problem with Israel's existence (though I wish the Israelis who bang on about how brilliant it is would all go and live there instead of camping out in countries they seem to like better) but I wouldn't be especially bothered if the Israeli experiment were declared a failure and shut down in favour of something more democratic. I would however be extremely bothered if this involved harming the ordinary Israeli Jews. And while my interest in Judaism as a religion is as theoretical as my interest in Islam (they can have my foreskin when they pry it from my cold dead hands, as it were), I have lost count of the number of warm, loving Jews I have met. And why would they not be? Jesus was a Jew.

To lighten the tone a little, here is the final appeaerance in the USA of one of my favourite British Jews, the singer-songwriter Leon Rosselson. I first encountered Rosselson's songs in the Sixties, and have seen him many times in person. The clip starts just after he has begun coaching his audience in the chorus of "The Neighbour's Cat". Enjoy, and good luck trying to join in the chorus of "We Sell everything".

So let me get this straight. Wicked Jews supported Hitler and were responsible for the Holocaust (which of course only killed a few bad Jews, and no leftists or gays). Jews who oppose the Teapublican platform can be smeared as Nazi sympathisers; but Jews in Israel who really are Nazi sympathisers are praised for it. Clearly those of us who don't belong to the Master Race are unfitted to comprehend such profundities.

A few interesting gleanings from Bonni the professional Holocaust Denier's blog floor. First, this from last year, where she discusses links between the Israeli regime and the European far right. To quote Bonni:

Israelis are turning right wing as yesterday's European anti-semites are today's crusading heroes against a rampant IslamoNazi invasion.

She cites an article by Antony Loewenstein (though she mis-spells his name) which states the following:

The growing appeal of Israel to the world’s right-wing community has been developing for some years. Nevertheless, some examples are eye-popping. In July 2011, a Russian neo-Nazi delegation travelled to Israel, after an invitation by far Right Israeli politicians and an editor of a pro-settler news service. The Holocaust deniers visited Israel’s Holocaust centre, Yad Vashem, despite being photographed previously giving Nazi salutes and publishing songs celebrating Adolf Hitler on their website.

The pair was interviewed on Israeli TV. One said that the idea of the Jewish state “excites me” because it involves “an ancient people who took upon itself a pioneer project to revive a modern state and nation”. The TV journalist then asked how a neo-Nazi could now embrace Zionism. The other Russian quickly responded by explaining the common enemy they both faced: “We’re talking about radical Islam which is the enemy of humanity, enemy of democracy, enemy of progress and of any sane society.” In December 2010 a much larger delegation of European far Right politicians, including a Belgian politician with clear ties to SS veterans and a Swedish politician with connections to the country’s fascist past, also paid their respects at Yad Vashem. They were welcomed by some members of the Israeli Knesset and agreed to sign a “Jerusalem Declaration”, guaranteeing Israel’s right to defend itself against terror. “We stand at the vanguard in the fight for the Western, democratic community” against the “totalitarian threat” of “fundamentalist Islam”, read the document.

(Which makes you wonder why Zionists get so annoyed when the Israeli regime is compared with the Third Reich, or when they are referred to as "Nazionists" or "Zionazis". Hey, if the cap fits, wear it: and if the armband looks especially fetching, wear that too.)

Anyway, Bonni (who let us remember recently expressed the desire to see more Nazis in Germany), had this to say about Loewenstein's article:

Apparently, the author, obviously a Jewish leftie himself, does not consider this a good thing. I disagree. Unlike Muslims today, the Jews of ’30′s Germany were not trying to conquer the world, not trying to turn Europe into a Jewish empire, not killing tens of thousands of non-Jews.

So Nazis good: Jewish lefties bad. Still, it came as a surprise even to me to see how viciously antisemitic she was in a post a few days ago about Jews Against Islamophobia:

The self-hating leftist ‘Jews Against Islamophobia Coalition’ calls for repudiation of Pamela Geller’s Anti-Jihad/Anti-Islam Advertising campaign. Back in the day, these kinds of Jews were called “Judenratte,” like George Soros who worked for Hitler in assisting with the liberation of land, money, and worldly possessions from Hungarian Jews, before they were taken for their final showers. Soros, a pro-Muslim enemy of Israel today, remembers the Nazi Occupation as one of the happiest times in his life.

Oh, and the post is illustrated with a delightful antisemitic picture of George Soros with a swastika on his forehead and the label "Judenrat" alongside it. (But I thought she reckoned Jews were supposed to support Nazism?)

Of course, as I have pointed out before, and as others have documented thoroughly, the whole "George Soros was a Nazi" trope is a tissue of fabrication from beginning to end, so I do hope the newly commercialised BareNakedIslam gets a visit from Mr Soros's lawyers. The siphoning of a few million dollars from the international Islamophobia industry into more socially useful projects would, perhaps, give Bonni's sad, hate-filled life some final purpose.

It's interesting, though to see how antisemitic rhetoric develops. At the time of the Third Reich, a Judenrat (plural Judenräte) was a Jewish council, established to enforce the Nazis' anti-Jewish laws. It had nothing whatsoever to do with rats. However, the coincidence of spelling has proved irrestisible to antisemites over the years, who have delighted in referring to Jews they hated (and what Jews do they NOT hate?) as "Judenrats". Of course the Nazis themselves routinely referred to Jews as rats and other kinds of vermin, but as they all spoke German they knew that Judenrat meant something else altogether. Bonni and her sheep routinely refer to "Judenrats", however, as in the comments under this post on a Jewish comedian (of whose censorship Bonni of course approves). There is a wonderful - and revealing - exchange in there between "ADHD", on of Bonni's regular idiots (who rarely strays far beyond demanding the extermination of all Muslims from the planet) and a visitor calling her/himself "Someone Who Actually Speaks German" (and no, it's not me, though if my ISP address weren't on Bonni's look-how-I-support-freedom banned list it might have been):

DECEMBER 15, 2012 @ 2:22 AM
There will always be judenrats, unfortunately. Traitors exist in every religion and race.

Someone Who Actually Speaks German
DECEMBER 16, 2012 @ 2:46 PM
He’s a council of Jews?

DECEMBER 16, 2012 @ 3:07 PM
In German, the correct term would be “Judenratte” (plural “Judenratten”).

We’ve half-corrupted things so as not to say “Jew-rat”, which – as far as I can tell – is an abusive epithet against the Jews and which (political correctness aside) thus wouldn’t work…

Someone Who Actually Speaks German
DECEMBER 16, 2012 @ 4:31 PM
Also incorrect. Sigh. You haven’t “half-corrupted” the word, you flat-out misinterpreted it out of ignorance.

Why do I say it's revealing (apart from revealing that Bonni and her fellow-Nazis are totally impervious to matters of factual correction even where it doesn't involve the tenets of Islam or Palestinian geography)? Well, ADHD makes it clear that what "they" (he and Bonni and the rest of the scum) really wanted to say was "Jew-rats" but that would be abusive agaiunst the Jews (!), so they attempt to disguise their open Jew-hatred by mangling the German language and redefining perfectly good German words to be made-up terms of abuse. Because that renders their antisemitism "politically correct". Evidently commenter BLR didn't get that memo: "my contemt (sic) for his breed has no bounds". Nor did Saxon, who considers Jews "a dumber, more inbred form of Hitler", or NikitaAnne for whom Seder is simply "a dirty Jew".

No wonder we non-Aryans become confused by such intellectual glare. Must be all the cousin marriage we indulge in: after all, it's legal everywhere except a few US states, China, the Philippines and a couple of Eastern European states. In particular, Western Europe and (shudder) Israel have no prohibitions on it at all. What do you mean, it was good enough for Einstein? Einstein was a dirty Jew! Charles Darwin? Queen Victoria? F D Roosevelt? Rudy Giuliani? Godless leftist filth the lot of them.

Friday, December 21, 2012

If it walks like a doc, and turns a blind eye like a doc, it must be a quack

I posted recently about what one might term The Shadow Of The Past regarding Britain's secret police. Chickens came home today and roosted in the hair of Derek Keilloh, formerly a doctor and now an ex-doctor, having been struck off the GMC's professional register for aiding and abetting torture of Iraqi prisoners by the British army.

The Nuremberg tribunals dealt with doctors accused of complicity in torture by the Nazis, and surely the International Criminal Court should be doing the same thing. Deregistration of those complicit in covering up crimes against humanity should be only the beginning, not a final outcome. Still, I realise that the Nuremberg trials only took place after the Nazis had lost power. While the vile Blair has been seen off (sadly with a truckful of loot instead of an invitation to the Hague), the UK's current government is in every significant respect a continuation of the one which authorised torture in Iraq. That is why there have been no prosecutions of British soldiers for torture, and official cover-ups rather than proper investigations. And that's why British doctors who acquiesce happily when their patients are beaten to death are unlikely ever to face justice.

Still, at least this terror-supporting violator of the Hippocratic oath will be able to do no more harm, or at least not by means of his "doctoring". Which is something to be thankful for.

When the facts contradict the hate speech, print the hate speech

In some ways you have to admire Bonni the Hitler fan of BareNakedIslam. Not for her hatred of blacks, Muslims, gays, women and "leftists", of course, but for the blatancy of her lying. No damning quotes or evidence? Hell, she'll just make stuff up and pretend it's real. And usually she doesn't even pretend to bother distinguishing between stuff she;s made up and real reports. Take her "report" on CAIR's "My Jihad" campaign, where she posts three pictures of actual ads from the campaign and ten of her own fakes. Well, I say "her own", but Bonni has clearly lifted the fakes without attribution from some other bastion of the Muslim-hating industry.

Or how about this story? Now as far as I'm concerned she can say what she likes about "Jihad's" parents: assuming the story isn't a fake from beginning to end (always a possibility with Bonni, of course) they deserve only ridicule, with a large side order of criticism for making a three-year-old an unwilling tool of their wish to shock the authorities. But that isn't enough for Bonni, who has to add her own five cents' worth, aimed not at the parents but at the kid ("Little Jihad likes to celebrate his (9/11) birthday by putting on a suicide belt and flying his remote controlled model airplane into buildings.")

But her best yet must be her headline for this post from last June, in which she "quotes" President Obama as saying to his campaign staff "Fuck the Jews, they'll vote for us anyway". (Bonni asterisks out the word "fuck", of course: genocidal hatred and racial slurs are fine, but good English words have to be censored. First Amendment, and all that.) Now it will come as little surprise that the President said no such thing: indeed, neither did anyone else until Bonni herself wrote it. The original quote, embarrassingly for Bonni, was from good old Republican James Baker, Secretary of State under George H W Bush, who said (in a private conversation with a colleague about the response of the Israel Lobby to something or other) "Fuck the Jews, they didn't vote for us anyway".

BareNakedIslam has now grown into a little hate industry of its own. It invites donations from readers, it posts links at the bottom of every post to Islamophobic books by the likes of fake "ex-terrorist" Walid Shoebat being peddled by right-wing publishers, and it now has "staff" (someone named "Jon Baxter", apparently). Still, no doubt the enterprise will want to keep Bonni the fake Jew as its official mouthpiece. Just so long as she does what she's told, of course.

UPDATE: I know that a few weeks ago I suggested, not wholly seriously, that Bonni had actually lost her mind. Well, there is an interesting exchange of comments under this recent post:

Nikolai Korpachenkopv
DECEMBER 23, 2012 @ 6:31 PM

I have already given history lessons on Islamic traditions relating to pigs, the hijab as related to pigs, and why Muslims hate Christmas. Sadly my lesson on Christmas was not posted, as it was too explicit. Now with the above story mentioning female genital mutilation, I will explain it’s origins in Muslim tradition. When the pedophile prophet Mohammed was about to turn 13 his mother decided to take him off the breast. He was so angry at this further rejection, (it was around this same time that he was sexually rejected by both the pig, his first lover, and the dog), he started to hate all women. Mohammed felt it was his right as a man to decide when he would if ever, stop breast feeding. In response to this, he promptly mutilated his mother’s genitals. Now all of his filthy perverse followers find this not only acceptable, but also a turn on.

DECEMBER 23, 2012 @ 9:02 PM

NK, where did you get that story?

Nikolai Korpachenkopv
DECEMBER 24, 2012 @ 8:03 AM

BNI, The same place all of my stories come from. The creative writing of a man that finds the entire Muslim religion filthy, perverse and inhumane. One could apply just about any negative adjective to this faith of the false prophet. My “history lessons” are meant to amuse BNI readers, and to primarily infuriate all of the CAIR dipshits that monitor this site.

DECEMBER 24, 2012 @ 1:15 PM

NK, but if someone wanted to find it in print/online, where would they look?

From which it's very obvious not only that Bonni is incapable of recogising obvious invention when she sees it (I would have expected that as an experienced inventor of blood libels and other hate speech herself she might recognise the signs) but that even when its perpetrator owns up to making it up in an attempt at humour she still asks where else she can find it online. Is Bonni so lacking in any kind of intellect (I think we can convincingly discount her mythical "degree in Japanese") that she judges the truth or falsehood of a story purely on the basis of how offensive it will be to Muslims? Or is she so pathetically desperate for attention that anything which will get her noticed by causing offense is simply allowed to bypass such critical faculties as she retains?

Soft on racism, soft on the causes of racism

In Britain, on the other hand, we're pretty soft on hate crimes. Take Anthony Holt, for instance. Coming off a flight after reading one of the Daily Mail's regular pieces of racial and religious hatred, he refused to allow his passport to be checked by a Muslim official, Sayima Mohammed. "I'm not being seen by THAT", he said, apparently referring to the fact that she was Muslim rather than that she was a woman. "I don’t want to be seen by any Muslim in a position of authority. I want to be seen by someone who’s English. This is England. This is my country. I’m not into all this Islam.”

What we did: Holt was arrested and charged with relgiously aggravated threatening words or behaviour. He was fined £145 and made to pay £100 compensation to the woman he had abused.

What we should have done: since he refused to have his passport checked by the official on duty, we should have confiscated his passport (after all, chances were good that he was a terrorist trying to sneak in on false papers) and refused to issue another one, ever. Alternatively, we should just have turned him round and shoved him (under armed escort if necessary) onto the first flight out of Britain with a vacant seat, and made him pay his own fare back. Folk who don't like it that in "their" England Muslims are allowed to do proper jobs should be sent to live somewhere where Muslims are only allowed subsistence-level work, like Israel. I'm sure Holt would fit right in there.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Stop, hey, what's that sound? Just another kook who's going down

Good news. Not good that he tried to burn down a mosque, but good in that the prosecution have not only thrown the book at him, they then forced him to eat it. It seems that by pleading guilty he has managed to get his likely sentence reduced to twenty years. The judge quite rightly considered it to be effectively an act of terrorism.

Let's hope the message gets out: Ohio is a bad state in which to be a terror-supporting racist.


Looks as though not only will he be doing twenty years inside, but he will have to pay $1 million in compensation for the arson. Which will be a neat trick when he's in jail. Maybe the rightwing loons who support any attack on Muslims whether deadly or not will have a whip round. Or maybe he'll sell his story to Walid Shoebomber Moonbat Shoebat. Whatever. The state of Ohio is definitely sending a signal to racists and terrorists.

A few observations

After a mass shooting in Australia the Australian government implemented stringent gun controls, leading to a huge drop in both homicide and suicide by firearms.

After a mass school shooting similar to that at Sandy Hook, the British government banned the private ownership of handguns altogether. Since then, gun-related deaths have fallen, though it took a few years for the controls to begin to bite.

I have a friend who lives in the USA. She grew up on a farm, constantly around firearms, and had no problem with that. Guns were for shooting rattlesnakes, or coyotes, or badly-injured livestock. What they weren't for was taking to the shopping mall, or the football game, or the office, or the school. She would no more have packed a gun in urban Denver than she would have carried round a seed drill.

Yes, there are legitimate uses for guns. You may even argue that defense of your home is such a use (surely the only possible legitimate use for a handgun?) Carrying your gun into someone else's home or workplace, it seems to me, is just flying a flag that says "inadequate psycho guy". The only legitimate use for sniper rifles and assault weapons is a military one, so why allow them in private hands at all? Private citizens aren't allowed to buy an F-16: why would they need an M-16?

And I have never seen any convincing argument at all for not requiring permits for guns and ammunition, and background checks before getting a permit. Prove you can be trusted with a gun and you can have one. I know, I know, the importance of a well-armed militia, blah, blah: so when you're assembling your Minutemen to fight the invading hordes do you really want the drooling nutter who was just released from jail standing behind you with an M4 carbine?

So I welcome President Obama's initiative and hope it leads to some real improvements.

Incidentally, did you know that Andy Murray (winner of Olympic gold and the US Open) was a pupil at Dunblane when the massacre took place? Fortunately he wasn't in the gym.


It wouldn't surprise me if this woman turned out to be an NRA activist making the point that "guns don't kill people - people do". Still, good luck with the concealed carry lwas and your 2-foot sword, missus.

Film-makers who didn't know they should never work with animals

You've probably seen this before, but it bears repetition from time to time.

I hear the sound of chickens coming home to roost

....and doing so in the hair of the British secret police.

David Cameron accepts that there was "shocking state collusion" in the assassination of Pat Finucane in 1989. Though in some strange way he seems to imagine that passing intelligence to the murderers, doing nothing to apprehend them, and then obstructing the investigation by means of a huge official cover-up falls short of constituting an "overarching conspiracy". How many state employees have to be corrupt facilitators of terrorist murder before the line between "shocking collusion" and "overarching conspiracy" is crossed, I ask myself?

Of course, later, we had the wonderful Tony Blair in Downing Street to ignore humnan rights and the rule of law. In 2004, following Tony's love-in with Colonel Gaddafi, our security forces kidnapped Libyan dissident Sami al-Saadi, his wife and their four young children and handed them all to the Libyan secret police for imprisonment and torture. And now our government (not Blair of course - he's off making more millions out of other people's misery) has been forced to pay over £2 million in compensation to Mr al-Saadi and his family. Not only that, but there is another similar case in the pipeline, arising from the "rendition" to Libya of Abdel Hakim Belhaj and his pregnant wife.

And a Saudi citizen who was "disappeared" into the concentration camp at Guantanamo (where the USA holds the political prisoners it daren't put on trial because it knows them to be innocent) is suing the British government for the false evidence it gave to the Americans (not perjured evidence, of course, there has never been any question of his receiving a court hearing), as well as for their collusion in his torture.

Thomas Fuller, in 1733, wrote "Be you never so high, the law is above you", a line made famous when quoted by Lord Denning. Denning was referring to the Attoreny-General, but the maxim applies a fortiori to the spies, spooks and general rag, tag and bobtail of secret policemen we have permitted over the years to believe themselves and their actions beyond the reach of law or justice. As their actions ead to public shaming and bills of millions of pounds, perhaps British taxpayers will begin to question whether these James Bond wannabes are giving value for money (or doing anything useful at all to offset the making stuff up and the propping up of failing dictators).

Think of it as multiculturalism in action

Ravi Shankar died last week. A loss, certainly, but not a sad one as he made it to 92 and had a very fulfilling life.

I saw him (courtesy of my older brother who took me along) on stage at Manchester's Free Trade Hall in 1969 or thereabouts, thereby gaining a great deal of cred with the one Indian lad in my year at school, whose Dad chaired the local Indian cultural association. As a result, my brother and I were alerted to a concert the association put on of Indian music, which was a total revelation. Not only because the musicians were not big stars, but because the audience was clearly very knowledgeable and responsive. Moreover, there wasn't a sitar in sight: that evening was our introduction to the joys of the sarod, the sarengi and the santoor, instruments I wouldn't encounter again in the flesh until I visited India for myself.

Ravi Shankar is dear to me for another reason, also connected with my brother. The very first LP record I ever owned was a birthday present from him, and was West Meets East by Yehudi Menuhin and Ravi Shankar. I remember we agreed that in the cover picture Shankar looked even more than ususally like a hook-nosed version of Harry H Corbett. Here is my favourite track from the album.

Happy Christmas from Bethlehem

This just in from the nation that gave you Annie Oakley

See, if all the women had been at home, veiled, cooking dinner for the husbands who had dominion over them, there would have been none of this mass murdering nonsense.

Right enough, though: you don't get this **** in Saudi Arabia. Despite their very high levels of civilian gun ownership.

Maybe there's something in this Sharia Law after all.....

Happy talkee talkee, happy talk....

The USA may talk the talk when it comes to Israel, but the UK, France, Germany and Portugal....well, OK, still just talk the talk, but do it with a bit more more vigour.

I'm still waiting for the first country to kick out its Israeli diplomats as a response to the expansion of the illegal terrorist training camps settlements. Now that will be walking the walk.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

What do you do with unwanted Christmas presents?

Five years ago, the BBC broadcast a marvellous piece by Brian Sibley entitled And Yet Another Partridge In A Pear Tree, in which the gifts in the well-known song "The Twelve Days of Christmas" were considered from the point of view of their helpless recipient (played by Penelope Keith). Ms Keith was at the time (and still is) very well-known as the star of a number of popular British sitcoms, and gave a splendid performance. Sadly, althiugh the programme has been rebroadcast several times, it has never been made commercially available.

So it was with great delight that I chanced upon the blog of Samuel Gordon Stewart, whereat the programme is available as an mp3 file for listening or download. Enjoy.

Let's put the "hum" in "humbug"

And while putting lights onto our own Christmas tree I found this song (written by Cyril Tawney) had drifted up into consciousness from, ooh, about 37 years back when I last heard it.

It bears up well - and nice to find that the Seekers of all people covered one of Cyril's songs. Cyril Tawney is probably best remembered for Sally Free and Easy, or perhaps Chicken on a Raft: in any case, generally songs with a nautical connection. It's good to remember that he could write not just broad humour but subtle too.

And for a Proustian moment of recollection, who remembers the days when the devices that made Christmas tree lights flash caused massive interference on old VHF televisions? We had lights, but never flashing ones, for precisely that reason (though my parents were not at all like the Dad in the song.)

Some good Christmas music

Health and safety at work: it's not just about guards on bandsaws and wearing eye protection when pouring acids.

17 December is International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers.

is an excellent article about it by Vanessa Pinto from the Huffington Post.

Here is a link to activities in the UK.

And if you're thinking "What can I do about it? I don't make use of sex workers' services", you can support this scheme (in the UK) by buying a T-shirt or just making a donation.

If you DO make use of their services, whether it be prostitutes, lap dancers or whatever, then be kind to them. Remember they're people like you. They might be your son or daughter; your babysitter; your mother.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

An American Nazi tells Israelis, Australians and Brits that they're not Nazi enough for her. Bless.

OK, so we know Bonni the Holocaust Denier at BareNakedIslam is a fan of Hitler and wishes he was still around to purge Europe of those pesky Muslims. So I shouldn't really be surprised when the first post on her site that greets me today is a call for Israel to implement the "Final Solution" for the Palestinians. I suppose now she can no longer pretend there's no such state as Palestine all she can hope for is that someone will obliterate it.

For Bonni, the fact that Muslims in Britain feel the need to conceal their religion from prospective employers (as though it was any of their goddamned business) is not a sign of religious and racial stereotyping and prejudice but shows how untrustworthy Muslims are, and that employers must go through prospective employees' Facebook and Twitter accounts. Well, I suppose it might help them screen out EDL members and other probable terrorists.....

Oh, and I see that most of Bonni's posts now feature a link where you can buy DVDs and books of racist filth and Islamophobic rubbish, much of it written by Walid Shoebat Moonbat. (These posts bought and paid for by the international Islamophobia industry.)

I had to laugh at this post where Bonni expects us to feel sympathy for an IDF soldier injured in a clash with stone-throwing Palestinians. It's funny, not because of the disparity between Palestinians with rocks and the IDF with its illegal nuclear arsenal, or because of the difference between Palestinians defending their homeland and the IDF who have been illegally squatting in it for over 45 years. No, it's funny because the Palestinians have the sense to let go of the rocks they throw at the Israelis, thus hurting the Israelis: the dumb bastard IDF soldier OTOH forgot to let go of his stun grenade and hurt his ickle pwetty hand. With any luck he won't be able to throw (or forget to throw) any more grenades for a good long time: perhaps until after the Israeli invaders have been sent back to the homeland they love so much (so much that they'd rather live anywhere rather than there).

Best of all though is Bonni's take on Australis'a notorious racism. She recently ran a post on the Cronulla riots, in which she links various video clips. These show whote racists beating up non-white Australians, as well as attacking police. She even shows a clip proving that Fox News (you know, that well-known Muslim mouthpiece) blamed the riots on white racists or "anyone but the Muslims". Well, Alan Jones, the racist radio presenter whose diatribe against "niggers", "wogs", "Lebs" and "Middle Easterns" and call for biker gangs to turn up and get violent was interpreted (for some reason.....) as a call for racist attacks, has just been ordered by a court to apologise on air for his racist remarks. All Bonni has to say (three times!) is "What race is Muslim?". So I'll pose this question for Bonni and her fellow mentally-challenged hillbilly traitors: where in Alan Jones's racist rant does he mention the word "Muslim"? Go on, here's the clip, listen to it:

Nope, no Muslims there, just "Middle Eastern grubs", "wogs", "Lebanese thugs", and "niggers". (What race is dumbfuck?) For some reason her clip attaches part of the memorial service to Kerry Packer to Jones's racist diatribe, perhaps in the hope that the aura of a real Australian would rub off on the cheap thug. It doesn't: it just makes her look even more of a jerk. But then Bonni never actually watches the clips she posts, and assumes neither do her readers (a reasonable bet in most cases).

Seems to me that for folk pretending to be the master race, these American Nazis are pretty stoopid. Maybe it's a result of all that first-cousin marriage that Bonni claims is a Muslim thing but which is legal in 23 US states including Bonni's home state of New York (and just about everywhere else in the world outside the USA, including Britain).

Monday, December 10, 2012

Et In Arcadia Ego

Today's Google doodle for Ada Lovelace's 197th birthday reminded me, inevitably, of Byron, clever women and computers. And thus my mind came to rest on Tom Stoppard's greatest play, Arcadia. Here is a great article explaining just why it's so brilliant (the article contains a spoiler but there's a warning beforehand for anyo0ne who doesn't know the play).

I remember listening to a radio broadcast of the original production (suitably adapted) for sound only, with Rufus Sewell, Felicity Kendall, Bill Nighy and other marvellous people. Not many pieces of drama have ever made me cry: the end of Cyrano de Bergerac, the end of Die Walkure, the end of Silent Running - and the end of that broadcast of Arcadia.

If you ever have a chance to see it, do. Failing that, buy a copy and read it. It won't be quite as good, but it's still marvellous.

Hell, I'm surprised they didn't just send them all to the vet like dogs

Following my post on racial segregation in Israel, here is another wonderful story from "the only democracy in the Middle East". This time, the people who should read it are those who believe that comparisons between the Israeli regime and Nazism are anti-semitic (and possibly even unture, though truth or falsehood never seems at all important to the knee-jerk anti-semitism screechers).

The Nazis, after all, instituted a programme of compulsory sterilisation of those they considered lesser beings than the ruling Aryans. And eight years ago Israel (then under Ariel Sharon) instituted a similar programme (with the help of an American "medical aid" agency) in place for those its rulers consider less than fully human, to wit, black African immigrants.

The important unanswered (because unasked - well, the report is from an Israeli newspaper and press freedom only extends so far in a "democracy") question is, are programmes like this still being sponsored or encouraged by the Israeli government, either in Israel or elsewhere?

Awwww (mostly)

I can't resist this page of amazing animal photographs (H/T Dooce).

Personal favourites: #18 and #46.

Oh. My. God.

I was looking at the Molecules with Silly or Unusual Names website tonight, which reminded me that I'd submitted an entry a few years ago ("Bananaborane" on page 3, if you're interested) and I wondered whether the nickname had in fact just been confined to the chemistry department at Durham University, my own alma mater. (And no, I don't know why Blogger keeps creating a hyperlink from the word "University" back there: it isn't in my html.) But with a little Googling I found this example from the University of Minnesota (top of the list of abbreviations on page xi), which somehow made me feel better. What's that you say? I'm a nerd and a geek? Bah.

Anyway, I found the following gem of a fact on page 4 of the site. It seems that in the 1999 Anagrammy awards, which are given for the best anagrams of the year, Mike Keith won with this astonishing anagram of the names of 30 elements which are an anagram for the names of 30 other elements.

hydrogen + zirconium + tin + oxygen + rhenium + platinum + tellurium + terbium + nobelium + chromium + iron + cobalt + carbon + aluminum + ruthenium + silicon + ytterbium + hafnium + sodium + selenium + cerium + manganese + osmium + uranium + nickel + praseodymium + erbium + vanadium + thallium + plutonium


nitrogen + zinc + rhodium + helium + argon + neptunium + beryllium + bromine + lutetium + boron + calcium + thorium + niobium + lanthanum + mercury + fluorine + bismuth + actinium + silver + cesium + neodymium + magnesium + xenon + samarium + scandium + europium + berkelium + palladium + antimony + thulium

You think that's impressive? Try replacing the name of each element with its atomic number and see what happens:

1 + 40 + 50 + 8 + 75 + 78 + 52 + 65 + 102 + 24 + 26 + 27 + 6 + 13 + 44 + 14 + 70 + 72 + 11 + 34 + 58 + 25 + 76 + 92 + 28 + 59 + 68 + 23 + 81 + 94 [= 1416]


7 + 30 + 45 + 2 + 18 + 93 + 4 + 35 + 71 + 5 + 20 + 90 + 41 + 57 + 80 + 9 + 83 + 89 + 47 + 55 + 60 + 12 + 54 + 62 + 21 + 63 + 97 + 46 + 51 + 69 [= 1416]

And it would seem that this was Mike Keith just warming up. Bloody hell.

I haven't yet dared to look at the pages for other winners.

UPDATE: I've looked at a few of the others now and none of them have such far-reaching anagrams as Mike's (though one guy has some amazing mathematical stuff). This one, though, was too good not to share:

2nd - Linda Garrett with:

Tiger! Tiger! Burning bright
In the forests of the night,
What immortal hand or eye
Could frame thy fearful symmetry?
-- William Blake
Fluffy Bunny! Roasting bright
Who the hell set him alight?
Did mere farmers aim to fry
Their carrot eating little guy?
-- Mr Bake Me Now

At least when the USA practised segregation they let blacks ride in the back of the buses

Some people are puzzled when Israel is compared with apartheid-era South Africa as a hell-hole of racial segregation and first- and second-class citizenship.

Those people should watch this video. It's clearly not just one crazy racist bus driver: the bus company's security goons are enforcing the same segregation of their buses into "Israeli-only" and "ride with some other company".

To his credit, at least one bus driver was prepared to stick his neck out (I bet he's been fired for it) and say that he would let an Arab ride on his bus. And to their credit, when the police turned up they forced the company to release the Arab from the illegal detention in which the goons were holding him and let him get on the bus.

Will there be repercussions? Will the racist driver, the "filming us is stopping us working" (uh-HUH - as in "working the Arab over?) goons, or the company that employs these scum receive any punishment? Not as far as we can tell: though if anyone knows differently, please comment here.

Friday, December 07, 2012

Needs more cowbell!

Last weekend, for several weeks leading up to it, and for a few days thereafter, I was heavily involved in putting on a concert. Edinburgh Symphony Orchestra was doing Gustav Mahler's Seventh Symphony, and it proved to be something of a struggle. It's not just that the piece was absolutely at the limit of what we could play: I had all kinds of things to do, with several hats on. Obviously, as a member of the second violins I had my own notes to play, and as leader of the section I had to try to organise aout eight other players, making sure any changes to parts were copied in as well as any other important markings for bowing and the like. Then I had to write the programme notes for the concert. I'm not quite sure how or when that got to be my job, but actually it can be very good fun: one tries both to amuse and to inform. This time, as well as the Mahler we were playing Gluck's overture to Iphigenia in Aulis, and Mozart's Piano Concerto No 21. The soloist we'd originally arranged had had to pull out because of injury, and as it happened I was the committee member who succeeded in finding a replacement: Jill Morton, with whom we had worked before some years ago. So I ended up liaising with Jill over who she was staying with, when rehearsals were and so on.

Then there was my Orchestra Manager hat. Sounds very grand, but mainly it involves arranging for any harpists we need, getting them their music, arranging for extra percussionists (ideally without spending any of the orchestra's money), getting any weird instruments they need to play (again at minimal cost), and making sure everything gets to the right place at the right time. This time I had to supply two harps, a guitar, a mandolin, four extra percussionists, a keyboard glockenspiel, a set of tubular bells, a set of cowbells (not the samba band kind but the kind you hear on cows in the Alps), and a thing called a Rute which is properly a bundle of birch twigs which the bass drummer whacks on the drum case. Ours was a bundle of half a dozen thin garden canes taped together with their ends frayed: an hour or so spent in my kitchen with duct tape, a saw and a box cutter. The other percussion was all borrowed. Oh, and one of the percussiuonists was my son, who while an ace with a drum kit doesn't have much orchestral experience, especially in big orchestras. Mahler's drum parts are rather confusing (mostly they consist of telling you what's going on while you do nothing for half an hour, and it can be easy to miss the bits you're actually supposed to play) so I was helping Ruairidh out with practising. Plus the instructions are all in German rather than the usual Italian, which is disconcerting if you're not used to it.

So the day before the concert (oh, I forgot to mention that in among all this I was doing other committee-related things like decide on next season's programme and find some extra cellos to replace ones who'd dropped out through illness etc) - the day before the concert I hired a man with a van (very nice gay chap who has worked with us for years) and we moved all the instruments across town from the hall where the orchestra rehearses to the church where we perform. We just got everything into one vanload (though care was needed as a bass drum would fall out if you opened the van door incautiously).

The day of the concert arrived, and I got there early to set out chairs for the morning rehearsal. I was wondering why I was having trouble fitting all the wind seats onto the platform when someone else came along and pointed out that the extra risers (one on each side) which the church normally put up had not been erected. Cue much running around with janitorial types getting bits of staging put up. Also getting the percussion gear in all its glory sorted out, put onto stands, and arranged so it could be played. Meeting (and directing to their places) the harpists and some of the percussionists. Putting the piano where we wanted it. Checking the lighting was OK (this used to be a nightmare - orchestras like to work in light levels similar to those favoured by neurosurgeons - but now the church have installed new lighting it's trouble-free). Oh, and getting my own violin out and tuned, and parking myself in my seat ready to play on time, and only slightly sweaty and out of breath.

Rehearsal - check. Concert - check. Confirm that the guitar and mandolin who couldn't make the morning rehearsal knew where to sit, and confirm whether they needed amplification (they didn't, though we'd discussed it). Play Gluck and Mozart. Discuss programming with conductor and others at interval (a bit of lobbying there....) Play Mahler. Smile happily at applause. Help pack up percussion kit and confirm what I need to take back and what is being taken away immediately. Go home and have a large drink.

The concert itself was actually a great success. Jill Morton played brilliantly in the Mozart: probably rather better than we did in all honesty, as we'd spent most of our rehearsal time on the Mahler. The Gluck was exciting, and the Mahler - despite the odd slip - was both exciting and beautiful, and very Mahlerian. It's funny: just over a week earlier the outer movements had still sounded a real mess, and even three days before the concert it had been a bit scrappy. But fear lends an edge to performances, and on the day we pulled it off: I know I played bits I'd never got right before, and I wasn't alone.

Monday - reverse all the moving with van (not quite so much stuff to squash in). Home and collapse in heap of dissolved tension.

And now, a few days later, I'm well under way with planning for the next concert and the one after that (who's going to play xylophone? how hard is the part? what is a Chinese tenor drum? where can we get hold of one?) as well as booking the church for next season's concerts and still trying to sort out what we're going to play.

Here's what we were matching ourselves with (Mahler 7, not Leonard Bernstein). This is the end of the last movement, so remember that we'd been playing for well over an hour before we got to this bit. Good solid over-the-top Mahler, and extraordinarily hard both to conduct and to play.

And by way of winding down, I was taken aback when I arrived to sort out chairs on the Saturday to hear the following piece being played loudly over the church's sound system. I hadn't listened to it for years, and was charmed all over again.

Thursday, December 06, 2012

People who want to ban prostitution are just flogging a dead whore

It seems that women's groups are calling for an EU-wide ban on prostitution. Oh, good grief. As someone who once applied for a job as a researcher with the UK Network of Sex Work Projects, it's not surprising that I agree with their view on the proposal.

The UK Network of Sex Work Projects (UNSWP) believes the move would have damaging consequences for prostitutes.

"It creates a legal and policy climate, in which sex workers are more stigmatised and socially excluded, and in which it is harder to offer [them] accessible support services," the organisation told the BBC.

"It erodes sex worker safety and rights. The council of Europe should reject such laws and [instead] support initiatives and legal changes, which improve the social status and safety of sex workers and allow criminal justice authorities to focus their limited resources on violent and other crimes committed against sex workers."

The UKNSWP has just launched an excellent scheme which aims to reduce the risks of violence and other abuse for sex workers. Why not send them a donation, or buy a T-shirt? It will be a damned sight more useful than driving the whole industry back underground.

If those in favour of a ban hoped that this study, entitled Does Legalised Prostitution Increase Human Trafficking? would support them, concluding as it does that legalisation does lead to an increase, they will be disappointed.

The researchers warn that due to the clandestine nature of both trafficking and prostitution markets, their analysis had to rely on the best available existing data on reported human trafficking inflows. That legalised prostitution increases human trafficking inflows is likely, but cannot be proven with available evidence. The researchers also note that other reasons might speak against prohibiting prostitution despite its impact on human trafficking.

The article concludes: “The likely negative consequences of legalised prostitution on a country’s inflows of human trafficking might be seen to support those who argue in favour of banning prostitution, thereby reducing the flows of trafficking. However, such a line of argumentation overlooks potential benefits that the legalisation of prostitution might have on those employed in the industry. Working conditions could be substantially improved for prostitutes—at least those legally employed—if prostitution is legalised. Prohibiting prostitution also raises tricky “freedom of choice” issues concerning both the potential suppliers and clients of prostitution services.”
(My emphasis.)

No doubt the loons will still declare it shocking when it doesn't happen.

While I too am looking forward to Tulsi Gabbard's (HI - D) becoming the first Hindu in Congress, I have to pick the Huffington Post up on this article. members of Congress do not swear their oath on a book, be it Bible., Qu'ran, Torah or Bhagavad Gita. They simply raise their right hands and swear. See here.

All those pictures of Keith Ellison with his hand on a Qu'ran? From the post-oath photo-opps. There will no doubt be plenty of those for Congresswoman Gabbard. Though I wonder how long it will be before we start to get jokes about how Hindus know all about congress, illustrated by pictures of the friezes at Khajuraho?

Oh wait, I just did that...

I doubt they'll use this one, though, which I bought on a postcard at the temple shop and sent to one of my (male) work colleagues whose sense of humour is rather like my own, with "I saw this and I thought of you" written on the back. I like best the oh-for-fucks's-sake (so to speak) expression of the woman in the background.

Sadly missed

Sad to read of the deaths yesterday of Oscar Niemeyer, wacky Brazilian architect most famous for his designs for the capital Brasilia, and Dave Brubeck, jazz musician extraordinaire most famous for one of the few of his hits he didn't write himself (Take Five, written by alto saxophonist Paul Desmond). Niemeyer was 104, while Brubeck died one day short of his 92nd birthday.

Here are a few of Oscar Niemeyer's hits. Brasilia Cathedral:

The Brazilian National Congress building:

The Paris headquarters of the French Communist Party:

And here are a few of Dave Brubeck's:

The Joint Is Jumping

And why is the Orca so cheerful? Well, the Orca is the state mammal of Washington State, which yesterday became the first US state to legalise the recreational use of marijuana. (And, incidentally, to legalise gay marriage.)

So congratulations to all you Washingtonians, especially the stoned gay ones.

Who was planning to attend a summit on banning nuclear weapons from the Middle East? And who not only refused to attend but got their puppets to have it cancelled?

A good piece from the Guardan on rogue nuclear states.

A tale of two seven-year-olds

This story is horrifying. That a woman could beat her seven-year-old son to death for beuing insufficiently good at memorising the Qu'ran is vile. This is the kind of thing that Islamophobes point to as "proof" that Muslims are uniquely lacking in human feelings, and are more concerned about details of religious observance than about their own families. They will doubtless look at this and say that it shows how submerged in Muslim vileness Britain is (despite the fact that the woman will be sent to prison for life).

So it struck me very forcefully when on the same day I read this story about a Christian couple in Las Vegas who appear to have beaten their seven-year-old son to death for failing to read the Bible (and when he appeared to be dead called a pastor for religious advice before calling an ambulance). Does this mean that Christians are uniquley lacking in feelings for their family, and are more concerned with their holy book than with the life or death of a child? Does it mean that the USA is full of filthy Christian child murderers?

Just asking.

Monday, December 03, 2012

Bayside's own Fantasy Fruitloop finally makes the shift from batshit craziness to pee-stained insanity

It's official: Bonni Benstock-Intall, New York Nazi supporter and Holocaust denier, has finally lost her mind. Driven mad with grief after Barack Obama won the Presidential election by a landslide in the Electoral College and a clear majority in the popular vote; crazed beyond endurance by the sacking from Congress by the Florida electorate of notorious war criminal Allen West; and finally pushed over the edge by the international recognition of Palestine as a sovereign state.

How else do you explain today's clutch of posts on her neofascist site, which include this extraordinary fantasy?

Today's bumper bundle also includes a video clip of US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, entitled Is ‘Hijabi’ Hillary Clinton drunk? Or did she really say,”the Jews must demonstrate that they understand the pain of an oppressed people?” No, it's OK, Bonni, she said the Israelis had to do more to demonstrate that. Glad to clear that up. See, a few of us can be bothered to watch the clips you post rather than trusting to your lying rants about them.

Oh, she also republishes a British tabloid article about a proposed demonstration to try to get a planning rejection for a new mosque in East London overturned. She illustrates it with a picture of Winston Churchill, which shows how far gone her mind is. In the middle of the Second World War, Churchill was so impressed by the bravery which Muslim soldiers of the British Empire had shown in fighting against fascism that he authorised a sum of £100,000 (a hell of a lot of money back then) for purchase of the land to build what eventually became the London Central Mosque in Regent's Park: because he thought they deserved a place to worship. So Bonni's attempt to co-opt Churchill in support of the campaign waged by Alan Craig and a few other London racists is laughable. Still, her ranting reminded me to send an email of support for the application to Newham Council.

In case Bonni hadn't noticed, Churchill wasn't big on Hitler supporters either. These included the Lehi terrorists ("Stern Gang") who would go on to provide many of Israel's leading politicians. At the same time as British Muslims were being rewarded for laying down their lives fighting Hitler, the Stern Gang were trying to arrange a military pact to fight with Germany against the British.

Churchill hated Muslims so much he, er, got the War Cabinet to pay for this mosque.